Wellsite Operations Optimization

LANES-X™ Wellsite Production System

LANES-X™ Wellsite Production System (WPS) gives operators the ability to remotely control well sites and equipment, monitor tank levels and site conditions from any computer or any mobile device.


Fluid levels in crude oil and produced water tanks are managed by LANES-X™ WPS assuring that the tank farms always have sufficient capacity to collect crude and produced water through maintaining the right levels in the tanks, preventing shut-down of the well-site production and remotely monitors the amount of fluids moved to truck and pipeline.

LANES-X™ Artificial Intelligence engine remotely automates and continuously improves the transportation of crude oil and produced water.

LANES-X™ Electronic Field Ticketing (EFT) connects all parties involved in real-time automating the invoicing process.

LANES-X™ WPS provides the operator real-time visibility of production rates, well pressures, equipment status, and tank farm fluid levels understanding better the behavior of the wells. LANES-X™ WPS Tank battery level monitoring and inventory management eliminates the need for manual tank gauging, resulting in more accurate readings, reduced operating expense and a safer working environment.

LANES-X™ WPS provides theft security through our tank watch system that combines historical tank data with real-time well-site surveillance data.


  • Improved EHS
  • Automating Tank Offloading
  • Electronic Field Ticket
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Theft Detection


Turnkey Solution

LANES-X™ Turnkey Solution Services

LANES-X™ provides turnkey solution services with its field service team that provides installation and maintenance services.  Every well site is unique in location, on-site utilities, and production. LANES-X™ specializes in affordable well site retrofitting, no matter how remote its location.  LANES-X™ service can be installed in very short time with immediate data streaming to start automating operations. Our wellsite system has the lowest power requirements in the industry, hassle-free install and management, and an end-to-end integration with our LANES-X™ platform.


  • Lowest Power Requirements
  • Affordable Retrofitting
  • Install Services
  • Easy Integration