Optimize Operations, Reduce Cost, Improve Uptime


LANES-X™ is a digital oilfield solutions provider focusing on automating the supply chain of crude oil and produced water management. Our solution help operators and service providers in each stage of the crude oil and water handling process. Recently our company name changed from UBEROIL to LANES-X.

LANES-X™ Services

LANES-X™ Differentiators


Comparing to other digital oilfield solutions and traditional oilfield solutions providers, LANES-X™ differentiates through offering:

Patented platform smart connecting operators and third-party suppliers providing wellsite services

Easy configurable and customizable platform that is fast and easy scalable

Vendor agnostic connecting with any IoT product, third party automation, and SCADA systems

Open API for data integration with existing internal and external platforms

Most affordable Real-Time Artificial Intelligence platform in the marketplace

LANES-X™ Benefits

UBEROIL Internet of Things Gateway

LANES-X™ digital oilfield solution benefits reduce the wellsite lease operating cost (LOE) and the cost of services at the wellsite by the service providers through:

Real-Time transparent transaction management driving efficiency in planning and executing workflows

Electronic field tickets (EFT) shared by all parties involved improving accuracy of transaction data

Automatic processing of EFT improving invoicing to expedite payable and receivable cash transactions



Remote access to status and production analytics optimizing up-time and well economics outcomes

Rating of supplier services

Free up pumper time allowing pumper to focus on revenue generating activities

Automated regulatory reporting and ownership allocations driving efficiency in administrative processes



Access to more customer wellsites providing increase of revenue potential

Improved asset utilization and reduced fuel consumption

Feedback on customer service that can be used to improve company rating

Automates truckers’ activities during the crude oil and water handling process

LANES-X™ Automates the Hauling Process