Transportation Optimization

LANES-X™ Transportation Management System

LANES-X™ Transportation Management System (TMS) connects the wellsite produced crude oil and saltwater to the trucking and pipeline companies that transport crude oil and water. LANES-X Artificial Intelligence engine helps operators, pipeline companies, and trucking companies improve economic outcomes through gathering and transportation optimization.

LANES-X™ TMS automates remotely truck hauling services and provides operators an integrated truck hauling backup when pipeline is offline.

LANES-X™ Electronic Field Ticketing (EFT) connects all parties involved in real-time automating the invoicing process.

LANES-X™ TMS provides carriers of water and crude oil haulers an edge in running their operations more efficiently reducing operations cost, while optimizing asset utilization that can yield increased revenues. LANES-X™ TMS automates lane assignments, scheduling and dispatching of trucks, and tracking of loading and unloading. Carrier trucks are equipped with LANES-X™ Truckers Tough Notebook automating trucker’s activities during the crude oil and water handling process.


  • Automatic Scheduling
  • Optimize Lane Assignment
  • Electronic Field Ticketing
  • Trucker's Tough Notebook
  • Remote Performance Tracking